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Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Eve

Tomorrow is a big day. A day we've been waiting a long time for. Tomorrow evening we'll finally know the answer to the question that has lingered for the last two years. There are many things that a girl has to do to prepare for a major political event.

  • Eat a nutritious meal. Or eat Chicago Deep Dish pizza in honor of Senator Obama. There was a McCain option too but the Obama choice was more WW friendly.
  • Read up on all the important issues.
  • Called the Board of Elections again to be reassured that I am indeed registered to vote.
  • Got my electoral map ready to go for tomorrow night. I'm the nerd that actually marks off the states as they report in. Don't sweat me.
  • Washed my hair so I'd have cute hair in the morning. I think election day equals nice curls. Besides I'm sure that the local newspaper will snap a photo of me going into the booth. Obviously.
  • Painted my nails this great new shade It's important to have a nice clean manicure for selecting an elected official.

Happy Voting to All!


sarahmaria said...

Way to prepare for the Vote! I love it.

Angie said...

I am so excited about today too, I voted before work and I can't wait to watch the election shows tonight. It should be fun!