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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Here's To You

I walked into the office today and said "Happy Veterans Day" which was met with head tilts from my coworkers. Not because they didn't know what day it was, but because I used the word "happy" before it. I had a moment that I doubted my understanding of this holiday. I immediately googled it (because that's how I learn all my cool stuff) and then proceeded to call my father (a veteran) to get the final ruling. (I don't believe anything unless my father has endorsed it--except republican ideology. hee hee). He agreed with my use of the word happy.

Veterans Day is for remembering people that currently serve and have served in our Armed Forces. Yes, we pay tribute to those that paid the ultimate sacrifice but there are millions of living veterans across this country and we should take a moment to thank them for the service they've given to protect our freedom and rights.

So I want to take this moment to publicly acknowledge my father and his career choice. It was him that taught me to always stop and face the flag and put my hand on my heart during national anthem. And to this day, I still tear up when the first notes begin to play. It was him that taught me what it means to be patriotic. I'm very proud of him and his wonderful career in the Air Force.

So today, on Veterans Day, I thank him for all he's done in his service to our country. And I do it, happily.

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Angie said...

I called my Dad today too, he's a veteran.
Happy Veterans Day!!