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Sunday, January 16, 2011


This past week was really blah.  January better start doing me right.  SOON.  I can't even talk about any of my feelings because I'm annoyed with myself this week.  blah.
So tonight, I'm going to focus on pop culture.  In honor of the Golden Globes tonight I wanted to shout out two movies that I loved recently (and that happen to be up for some awards tonight).

Black Swan.  I was haunted from the beginning of the movie to end.  It was crazy and after I watched it, I've thought about it just about everyday.  I've read some harsh reviews of it, but I was fascinated by the story.  I still have so many questions and I love to find excuses to discuss it with people that have seen it.  I thought Natalie was great and I hope that she wins awards for her role. 

And my new favorite movie (since yesterday) is the King's Speech.  I needed something to pick me up out of my blah state so I took myself on a date to the movies.  And I was so glad I did.  I loved it.  It was beautifully done and so well acted.  I just adore anything about the royal family and this story was so nice and uplifting.  And I had little knowledge of King George VI before.  I need to mention that I was in an afternoon showing and the majority of the audience were people over 50.  As the credits rolled, everyone applauded the movie.  I loved that!  Because I felt like that was exactly what it deserved.  Colin Firth has won my vote.  He was incredible! 

If January has you feeling anything like how it's been making me feel, take yourself on a date to the movies to see one of these. It will help.  Well, the King's Speech will.  Black Swan may require some friend support.  :)  And now I'm going to spend the next several hours watching the Golden Globes to see if Natalie and Colin win.  And judge all the dresses, of course.

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