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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Orange Crushin'

After my two day hiatus from work this week, I returned a feeling a little better about life in general.  I feel a little more organized at home (I am always seeking to be more organized--I wonder if I'll ever feel like I am completely there? hmmm)  I even decorated for Valentine's Day and finished a baby blanket that I have been making for months.  Next up is getting my work list made so I can get a lot done in the next two weeks.  With all of this organizing and stalking a pair of shoes at Macy's.com I haven't been up to much else. 

Today I was supposed to go to Albany to visit my friend, Beth to watch the Syracuse v. Villanova game.  Unfortunately, I didn't get my Saturday morning routine completed early enough so I didn't make it out there.  It was about half time of the game today that I realized that I haven't written anything about my Orange crushes this year.    We've just had two losses this week so that has been a bit of a downer,  BUT it happens.  The good with the bad, right?  Syracuse basketball is probably one of the brightest spots of winter for me.  Gives me something to get fired up about (besides hating snow).

Anyway, I was scrolling through facebook last night and I had about a 25 posts from Syracuse in preparation for the game today and  a picture caught my eye...

That's right, SU rain boots.  I. Need. These. 
I wish the Otto ones came in Navy but I still like either.  A lot.
So if you were wondering what to get me in honor of National Orange Day (March 24), this would be the perfect gift.  :) 

Let's Go Orange!

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