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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ship This.

Remember how I did a post a few weeks ago about my shoe wish list here?  Well, I kept thinking about these shoes and trying to think of the reasons I needed them.  Then it hit me....they would be great with my bridesmaid dress for my friend Jill's wedding.  This is the picture that I took the day that I tried them on and DIDN'T purchase them. 
So about two weeks ago I decided that I needed to get them. I went to macys.com found out the name of the shoe and then searched every place that offered these shoes to find the best price possible.  blah, blah, blah...the only place I could get them from was macys.  So I put them in my cart, went to check out.  ONLY to find out that the shipping charges were way too high.  I realize that sometimes shipping happens.  But 12.95 seems excessive.  I checked on line for free shipping codes. No luck.  There is no macys in my town so I checked to see if the shoes were available in my size at 4 different malls within 2 hours from here.  Nope.  So then I checked to see if they do site to store.  Of course not.  By this point, I was really irritated because they had gone back up to the original price so the shipping went up to 14.95.  CRAZY TALK! 

Maybe I'm too stubborn but I absolutely refuse to pay that kind of shipping for shoes.  It's the principle.  I just can't do it.  Shipping charges really irritate me. 

Earlier this week, Jill was going to be at macys so she said she would check for the shoes.  I called the store after she left to see if they had them in my size (even though I had checked the day before).  While I was checking, I noticed a new review was featured on the page.  (yes, I had been on there that much that I knew a new review).  The review said that her store didn't have them in her size so they shipped the correct size to her for free.   Before I could tell Jill, she called to tell me that they would ship them to me...for free.

AND, they are $20 cheaper than on line. 

I win!

 So as I type, my new lovely shoes are on their way. 

And to make things even better, I scored the boots from my wish list for $17 with free shipping from JCP.  Not quite as exciting but I like them and can't wait to wear them too. 
I think I'm done buying shoes for a while.  Well, unless I find grey boots...

Happy Thursday!


~ Mama said...

That's always the way....I hunt down a pair, say I'm done for a while, then say well, black would be nice too:)
Those shoes are smokin hot! I'd fall flat on my face lol.

Shannon said...

Do you ever wonder how Gap or onlineshoes.com can ship a shit load of stuff for free but then at other places you have to pay an absurd amount of money for a single pair of shoes?! Its ridiculous! I'm with you! I refuse to pay more than $5 shipping for anything!