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Monday, January 31, 2011

Eye Love It

I remember back when I was a junior or senior in college (I was around 21) and I went to walmart with one of my best girls (Courtney).  We were perusing the beauty products isle when Courtney decided that she needed to sit on the floor in front of the wrinkle cream section.  I laughed at her because she was absolutely intent that since she was turning 22 she needed to have wrinkle cream.  And she was pretty serious about it,   as evidenced by her SITTING on the floor to explore her options.  I will never forget this moment.  Because it was hilarious, but more because it was the first time I ever really thought about wrinkles. 

I admit that through the years it has crossed my mind multiple times.  Do I need wrinkle cream?  I mean, REALLY, do I?  I stare at myself in the mirror each day trying to determine the answer to this.  I take care of my skin and use plenty of moisturizer. 

Last month, my friend gave me a bunch of samples from Sephora.  I pulled out the anti wrinkle cream and kind of chuckled at it.  I actually thought, I should send this to Courtney as a joke.  But instead, I decided that maybe I should try it.  So I've been using it around my eyes for about a month now. 
This morning after I applied it and moisturized my face, I decided that I NEEDED to look up the reviews about this at Sephora.  Was this a fluke or was I really noticing a difference in my eye area?  Well, it turns out this little jar is pretty pricey but the reviews are overwhelmingly positive.  hmmm...

I really feel like it's a great product and I am starting to notice that my eye area seems a little softer and less puffy than before.  I swear I thought this before I read reviews.   I think that I will invest in the full sized product.  I mean I'm only half way through the sample and it's been a month.  A full sized jar might last me a year.  All I know is that I absolutely love when I find a good product that is worth the money.   After all, I'm over 22 I definitely need anti-wrinkle cream right?  :)

OH, and just in case you were wondering, my sparkly shoes came in the mail today and they are as fantastic as I remember!  You were totally waiting on pins and needles about that right?


Happy Monday!


Muttering Mama said...

Haha! Greatest night of my life. Man, 22 just sounded so old back then. What did I know? Ha!

I am glad you found a product you liked, but man, that little sample in my mailbox would have made me pee my pants a little.

Angie said...

I need to get some of this!!! I am SO glad that you are coming to Bunco it should be fun!