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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Kickin Off a New Year

2011 began with a lovely  night of celebrating with friends.  We gathered at my house (Club Chestnut) and had some cocktails before we headed out to a local place to see a band.  As usual, it was a fun night with many stories to share.  I'll share it in some pictures...

Jill, Jared and I.  He's very tall and we're really short. 
 My new years shoes.  I love them.  They hurt a little but I still adore them.
 Bows.  How can you not love that?
 It's also Tara's birthday today (1.1.11) So we celebrated that last night too.  Here she is blowing out the candles.
 Opening presents.
 Gillan and I trying to get that perfect self portrait.
 Jill and some of her bridal party. 
 At the bar waiting to ring in the new year!
The gentlemen of the evening. 
I've spent the day on the couch, recovering.  It's been lovely.  I still have to write my new years letter to myself but I will do that before I head back to reality on Monday morning. 
I'm excited for 2011!  It's gonna be a great year.  I feel it.

Happy New Year to you all! xoxo

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