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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Funday

It's been a busy weekend.  After I posted yesterday, I got into a cranky mood because Syracuse lost the game.  I immediately turned on my electric blanket and went to sleep for a bit.  I woke up and regrouped and  headed out with some friends.  Went to bed late and woke up early to get some grocery shopping done for the week.  Then after another little nap, I headed to "work" this afternoon.  And by "work"  I mean I went snow tubing with a bus full of college students.  We had the whole place to ourselves.  It was FUN! 

I'm lucky that some of my closest friends work with me so I can work AND play.  Here we are after we bundled up and ready to tube it up.
 This is a picture of the lodge as I was being pulled up the hill.
 This is the view looking down.
 Looking up...
 I thought this was funny.  Although I think I disagree...humans most definitely should be able to hibernate sometimes.  It's cold, man.
I had never been snow tubing before today.  It was definitely fun!   I don't enjoy snow but today I put aside my dislike for it and embraced the fun that can be had with a rubber tube and a whole lot of snow.  

I am happy tonight to cuddle up in bed to spend some quality time with my Kindle and then get some sleep.    It's been a nice weekend!

What did you do?


~ Mama said...

What's on your Kindle these days? I can't find anything great to upload.
I despise snow, so I commend your attempt at tubing!

Ashley said...

SO JEALOUS! I wish I lived near a tubing place. It looks fun!