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Sunday, January 23, 2011


My name is AG and I'm a nail polish addict. 
It's true.
And I'm okay with it. 

So when there is a new OPI collection, I need to see it as soon as it comes out.  After I kept seeing the you tube demonstration of the new "Shatter" polish, I needed to try it.  On Friday I called the JCP Salon to see if they had gotten it in yet.  They had.  They set aside a few bottles for me and friends. I went to pick it up after lunch.  (JCP is just about the only place in town to purchase OPI). 
So here goes my own little demonstration in pictures.
I used "I'm India Mood for Love" as the color.  I think bright colors are the way to begin.  Today I felt like it should be pink.
  .  After the two coats of color are completely dry, apply the shatter polish over it.  It's pretty neat, it just shatters within seconds to make some interesting designs on the nails. (Don't worry, I did clean up the edges after  I was done)
 After that, apply the normal top coat and boom, done.
My review so far is that I don't think this will be a regular look for me, but I do think it's fun for the right occasion.  It's fun and a little retro.  Actually, I'd like to do it on my toes sometime too.  I bet that would be interesting.

What do you think? 

I hope you all had a great weekend!


Muttering Mama said...

Of this whole post, my favorite part is that you called the JCP Salon to see if they had it. Do they know you there yet? Are they on your speed dial.

You are a goddess, my friend, and I adore you! xo

AG said...

hahaha. Yes, they all know me there. They said I called before they could call me that day. I love my ladies there! And yes, JCP salon is in my phone of course. I get my hair done there too.