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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Basket--O-- Supplies

Once summer starts and the students leave campus, I always find myself spending a lot of time organizing things in my life.  Well, okay, that's not completely true.  I like to organize ANYTIME. But it's been especially true in the last few weeks. 

Today's inspiration was this basket.  I think I got it at a yard sale last year.  I was going to use it in my bathroom for brushes and other bathroom trinkets but I found something better at some point.  I was pulling it out to get rid of it when I realized a great way to use it.  I think I did use it for a party once to put the napkins and utensils in...but that seems so ordinary. 
I brought it in the office and decided I was going to use it as an office supply caddy.  I have a lot of student leaders that work with me on various programs and often "borrow" my stapler, scissors, tape, etc.  Sadly, I might not see some of these items again.  This is frustrating to my office supply budget and my "control issues" over my office supplies.  ha ha.  I'm not THAT bad but I really like my stapler and my tape dispenser.  Anyway, I figured I'd make a basket of goodies that are portable for the students and for me.  And it has everything I might need when I leave the office for a program or event. (tape, stapler, extra staples, scissors, highlighters, markers, ruler, paper clips, blue tape, post it notes, etc)
And it all fits so nice and neatly in the caddy.  And it sits on a shelf ready to go.  If I had kids, I'd do a home addition too.  :)
And YES, I know posting about this makes me a little bit of a nerd.  I 'm okay with that.  We all are nerds about something.  And I think being an organized nerd has a certain charm to it...

Happy Wednesday! 

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