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Monday, June 6, 2011

Mani Monday

I have wanted to try something new at the Lipgloss Lounge for awhile now.  So two days a week I'm going to have themes.  Mondays are going to be dedicated to manicures.  And Thursdays I'm going to follow my friend Courtney's lead and do what I'm thankful for.  I really feel like blogging is helping me feel better after the drama of the last year.  I know my blog isn't the edge of your seat kind that are out there.  That's fine with me.  When I started it a few years ago I wanted it to be "girl talk" that I would  share with my friends/family--random thoughts, things I like, and events in my life.  And I've really enjoyed posting all of my randomness.

So here begins my first Mani Monday.  Some of you are very familiar with my Nail Polish Nook on Facebook.  I post every color nail polish I own so I can keep a visual file.  A few friends have mentioned that they have referred to it when looking for a color.  Good.  Justification for my addiction.  Thanks ladies!

Today, I'm not actually  featuring a color though.  Instead I wanted to test run something for Jill's wedding next month.  I have giving some thought to what color I am going to wear on my nails.  That's just about as important as the shoes I'm wearing (which are HOT, by the way).  I thought maybe I'd be traditional and get tips with a french manicure.  I used to have tips on a regular basis but haven't done it in years.  But tonight someone told me to try it myself and purchase...wait for it....


From the Dollar General. 

I stopped on the way home tonight and for under $5 I got these fake jobs and some glue. 
 And instead of taking that nap that I intended on taking, I applied them.  In under 15 minutes.   
 I have to say, I'm kind of impressed with them.  I mean, I'm not going to do this on a regular basis but I think it'll be fine for the wedding. 
 And for under $5--It's going to be way more economical than getting tips put on for only  a few days.
What do you think? 

Happy Mani Monday (next week I'll wow you with a fab new color)!


Sabrina said...

Wow, they look great...really

Muttering Mama said...

Nice job! I would have thought they were professional...they look great!

I LOVE french manicure. So classy!