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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekend Wonders

This weekend was definitely a good one.  I had a VERY stressful week leading up to it so I was excited to get away for my friend Jill's bachelorette weekend. She's getting married in less than a month now and all of her girls gathered at this amazing place a few hours from here for a weekend of relaxing together.   Sounds great, right?  It was. 

The front of the house. 
 The back of the house
 The kitchen
 The other half of the kitchen.  I'm a fan of the kind of kitchen with couches.  Perfect for hanging out.
 The front porch.  I sat out there with coffee and a magazine this morning.  It was lovely. 
 Each bedroom was totally bed and breakfast style.  A little tacky but quaint.  I loved the one Gillian and I slept in.  
 This is the view of the back area.
 The pool was up the hill on the property.  How great is this? 
 The cabana for the pool.  Complete with a fridge, bathroom, shower, stereo, etc.
 Our friend Alisha came on Saturday to hang out.  We spent the entire day out by the pool.  It was a perfect Saturday.
 After it got dark and we all rested, we spent the night playing cards, laughing and having fun.  Well, I slept on the couch but I was fully supportive of the fun.  haha.
 The flowers were picked on the property.  So lovely.
 We even had a dog for the night.  His name is Guinness and he was the neighbor dog but spent the night with us.  What a sweet dog.  He was sad when we left today.
 Another shot of my room.  That wallpaper is intense.
 Oh, and there was a hot tub on the porch for us.  We spent this morning in there since it wasn't sunny. 
 And there was a tandem bike.  How fun.
 There were two brave souls to try the tandem bike thing.
 The last four to leave.  Jill, Ashley, me and Gillian. 
 All in all, this weekend was amazing, relaxing, and one to remember. 
Cheers to Jill for her upcoming wedding and her birthday (today)! 

How was your weekend?


Sabrina said...

Looks dreamy, I would love a getaway like that. I'm glad you had fun, you deserve it!!

Angie said...

OMG, I love that house! What a great weekend!

Ms. Attitude said...

This sounds like a great place! I would love to go somewhere like that!