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Thursday, June 2, 2011


I posted a picture of my back porch on Monday and one of the things on the porch is now is a rocking chair.  I really enjoy this chair.  I got it last summer at a yard sale for $15. It sat inside unused for the last year and I decided it needed to be used.  But first had to give it a little makeover.

This celery color was fine but I wanted to freshen it up.
I had used this color on another project and I enjoyed it so I got a few more cans for the rocking chair.
I dragged it out to the front yard and got to work.  I wonder how annoyed my neighbors are about my spray painting. 

Drying after a few coats of paint:
It looks pretty good.  I really enjoy the color and can't wait to sit out there with a book.
I'm loving the yard sale makeovers happening in my life lately.  It's so fun to find a treasure and give it new life.   Next I need to find a desk and a bookshelf...

Happy Thursday!


Ms. Attitude said...

I really like the new color! Hope it comes in handy with a good book.

Angie said...

I love that color. Good work!