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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

5th of July

No, I haven't forgotten about writing.  I just have been a busy girl. I'll give you some bullet points because it's how I roll tonight.
  •  I have been looking forward to the beginning of July for a while.  Because it meant the wedding of my good friend, Jill.  She married her long time boyfriend, Vinny this past weekend.  It was an incredible wedding.  I'm actually a little sad that it's over.
  • Before the wedding, I did several projects around the house that I'll post about soon.  I was feeling creative during my week off.  This involved a lot of spray paint.
  • I'm not working my normal hours for this month.  Today I started working another program for students coming to college early.  It's going to be a fun month.  
  • I'm pretty sure my Achilles tendon is damaged.  I can't wear flats and I limp everywhere.  I'm going to seek medical attention very soon. 
  • I got the Kate Spade iPhone cover that I wrote about last week. 

So that's kind of where I am.  I realize this is a boring post, but I'm literally fighting to keep my eyes open while I watch my shows tonight. 

I'll be back tomorrow...or soon.



Ms. Attitude said...

It may have been short and to the point, but I enjoyed reading it. I hope the wedding was nice and that your heel feels better.

Angie said...

I miss you we need to get together to do a project soon! I hope your achilles feels better soon :)

Michelle said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Achilles tendon :(. I made your feta dip tonight and it was AMAZING!! We loved it!! I think it will have to be on my go to list for parties--I'm not much of a cook so this will bring my go to appetizer list to 3 :)!!