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Thursday, July 14, 2011


I'm an avid Today Show viewer.  I tune in every day.  Even the days I don't go to work (like today).  The first hour of the show is my favorite because it's the lead stories but I like the silly stories and magazine style the second hour too.  Anyway, I was happy to see that "Harry Potter" was going to be interviewed by Ann.  Great.  And then in the middle of the interview I  noticed Ann's shoes.  And I think I fell in love.  I immediately picked up my phone and took to twitter to express my feelings about these shoes.  

How great are these? 
(Photo courtesy of Twitter)

A few hours later, I saw another "tweet" about how much shoe love Ann was getting today.  I guess I wasn't alone in my shoe envy/lust.  Good work, Ann Curry (or whoever selects her on air outfits).  I always like Ann's style because it's simple and cute.  I wanted to share them here in case you missed it.  (and secretly because I want to have a record of these shoes in case I need to reference them again...ha ha)

And since we're speaking of Ann, I  thought I'd share my moment with her.  She spoke at Syracuse when I was a grad student and I got to meet her.  She was warm and lovely in person. In fact, I told her I'd someday sit on the couch at the Today Show.  HA!  She complimented my necklace--it was an "A" charm.  ;) 
I looked like a MESS that day.  I had some bad hair and was in the middle of a crazy graduate semester.  Yikes!   Eh, whatever, I still have this picture hanging in my office. 

Who knows, maybe I'll end up on the Today Show after all...

....talking about shoes....or nail polish...or something that doesn't belong in the first hour.

Happy Thursday! 

Who's seeing HP tonight?

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Sabrina said...

Have a great time at HP!! If I could afford those amazing shoes I would buy you a pair, and me too of course!