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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Before & After

I came to the realization this week that I not only have a great adoration for nail polish, I've become a big fan of another kind of paint as well...spray paint.  This month I've spent a lot of time outside spray painting a variety of stuff.  I swear the neighbors probably think I've lost my mind. 

In my defense (not that I need one) I have been saving some of these projects since last year.  It's hard to spray paint with snow on the ground.  And sometimes I just need to change something up.  Either way, it's been spray paintingpalooza around here.

And since I've been sticking close to home this month and don't have much to blog about, I figure I'll share some of the stuff I've changed up with the magic of paint. 

This chalkboard was a picture frame (was black before) and the glass got a few coats of chalkboard paint.  It's in my guest room. 
 This chest was purchased last summer at a yard sale.  It sat out on my porch for the last year.  I finally decided to bring it inside.
 It's now a window bench.  The cats LOVE this.  I'm making a pillow or two out of that fabric soon.  It's on my summer project list.  The bench holds blankets that I use on the couch. 
 This old sewing bucket was $4.  My friend, Sabrina, has one similar and hers was so cute that I wanted one. 
 I decided on black.  I like the way it turned out with the stripes.  It currently lives in my living room in a corner near the couch.  I am going to use it for remote controls and coasters.  Or it's just gonna sit in the corner being a space filler.
 I got this birdcage a few weeks ago for the mantle in my bedroom.  I wasn't in love but for $5 I thought I could figure out what I could do with it.  (I'd like to paint the owl but I feel bad doing that because my Grandma gave him to me, but I wish he was white)
 Now I actually really like this birdcage.  It's way cuter this way.  And it goes better with my new black/white color scheme. 
Speaking of the bedroom redo, I just got this jar for the mantle too and used music sheets with ribbon for a little something different.
This is the new bedroom "look".  I just hung up this window above the bed this week. (Thanks, Dad!)  The wall isn't yellow, it was just bad lighting that day.  It's actually khaki.  I would love to paint, but I'm running out of summer.
It's been a busy month of of projects around here.  I have a few more things on my list before I go back to work next Tuesday.  I could get used to being at home all the time...but I'm not sure I can afford all the spray paint I'd have to buy to keep myself busy.   Ha!

I'm off to Memphis to go to St. Jude tomorrow for a few days!  I'm excited!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


Ms. Attitude said...

I think the bucket turned out great with the stripes. I love the chalkboard, the birdcage, and the bench too! I guess I can say that we share similar creative styles and I love seeing what you come up with. Sometimes when I need inspiration, I come here.

Did I mention that my bedroom theme is black and white as well?

Angie said...

Love all of your projects esp. that window seat and the bucket.