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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Merino Cool

I really have vacation/furlough brain.  I completely forgot to post on Monday night for Mani Monday.  It's okay, I didn't even have polish on that day because I decided I'd spray paint stuff AGAIN. 

I picked up this new color yesterday.  Merino Cool by Essie. 
I like it a lot.  It's probably going to be a regular (well, as regular as I get). I'm a big fan of Chinchilly by Essie and this is a few shades deeper than that.  It's got a purple tint to it so it's really creamy and pretty.  I think it's good for a year round wear.  I know it's traditional to wear bright colors in the summer but I don't really buy into that.  I've been wearing bright colors a lot lately and when I put this on I immediately loved it.  It's kind of neutral so it looks good with a tan and it will look good in the winter too.  The one thing I don't usually like about Essie (although it's my second favorite brand) is that it's pretty thin.  But this color is creamy enough that two coats covers great. 

All in all, I'd recommend this color as a staple in any nail polish collection. 

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