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Friday, July 22, 2011

Craft Cart

Today went by so quickly.  I went to see Harry Potter in 3D.  I saw it on the first night regular style but really wanted to check it out in 3D.  And since it's been so hot here I figured a cool theatre would be a good way to spend a few hours.  And after I got home from that I didn't do much else except lay in front of the air conditioner and did laundry.  I'm exciting, what can I say.

I did finish up a project that I started this week.  Last weekend I went to a few yard sales with my yard sale pals, Angie & Sabrina. We found a random treasure and after a little discussion Sabrina and I took home the below AV cart (there were two).  Now why would we need an AV cart?  No, it's not 1985 and we don't have overhead projectors to speak of.   But yes, we had a vision for it.

Doesn't this remind you of elementary school? 
 I spray painted mine a bright blue. 
 And turned it into a craft utility cart.  It's great because of the power outlet on the side.  Perfect for hot glue guns, irons, etc.  I have a craft closet but it's small and it's kind of annoying to always have to be digging out the basics for every time I want to be crafty.  And I hate messing up my tables and counters with messy projects. 

The bottom shelf has a big basket with things like an iron, a bow maker, paper cutter, rulers, etc.
The middle shelf has paint, ribbon and glue guns. 
The top houses a bucket of paint brushes and a little tote that has scissors, tape, glue, hole punch, etc.  All the essentials.  (I love this because it is portable so I can take this anywhere.  I even brought it to Jill's wedding in case we needed supplies.)
 And Sabrina and I found these great magnetic curtain rods to use for ribbon on the side.  I think I need a few more but I put my basic ribbons on these two. 
I'm still not sure where it will live but for now it's in the office (the "weird" room) in a corner.  I have a thing about having stuff like this visible but I don't think it's that much of an eye sore.  I really like that it's on wheels so I can move it around. 

I think it's a pretty good use of an old AV cart.  And it was only $8.  You gotta love a bargain like that.  And please go check out Sabrina's version.  She did a great job on hers and since she organized hers first, you'll see some of mine looks amazingly similar to hers.  :)  You know what they say about imitation...

What do you think?

And Happy Birthday to one of my favorite girls, Cristina!  xoxo


Anonymous said...

Great job and a great use of someone elses junk! You must have inherited your grandfathers eye for treasure!

Sabrina said...

I love it, now how do we get our carts together for a date??

~ Mama said...

Please let me know where you found magnetic curtain rods- love it!!! I think if you had curtains that match the room, and maybe a beautiful bucket of flowers on top, you can 'hide' it in plain sight in any room!

AG said...

The curtain rods are from Family Dollar (so random). And I LOVE the idea of curtains around it. I may be making those very soon. :)

CBL said...

Good idea for an old cart. Approved! Thanks for the birthday shout out xoxo