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Monday, July 18, 2011

Sparrow Me The Drama

I forgot about Mani Monday last week.  So it's back.  And with a new polish.   It's called Sparrow Me The Drama from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection.   Although the flash makes it look a little different than it does in person.  But either way, I like it.  It's a nice pink and it goes on smoothly.  Many times pinks look streaky on me.  I think it's a keeper. 
Other than purchasing new polish,  things have been pretty quiet.  Spending time outside, cleaning out my kitchen cabinets and running errands.   I am still working a bit with a summer program but I haven't sat in my office for weeks.  I can do my work from home.  I have to make a priority list every day so I stay a little structured.  I have a fun project to work on tomorrow.  And I think I may try to work out again.  (My Achilles feels better.  I was able to wear flip flops this weekend yay!).  I would really like to be running again. Oh, and I want to see Harry Potter again too.   And spend some time at the pool.

As you can see, it's a rough life at Club Chestnut.

Happy Monday!  What color polish are you wearing?

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Michelle said...

I love that color!!