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Thursday, July 21, 2011


  This morning, I read something about Pinterest somewhere and I'd heard the term enough times now that I had to see what this was all about. 

It seemed like a fun thing.  It's kind of like a virtual idea binder.  And you may remember how I feel about my idea binder.  (love) So I signed up to get an invitation.  I got it and I took a little look.  Seemed cute but I wasn't completely convinced.    Then tonight I came home (after spending the day at the office even though I'm technically off) and layed in bed with the AC pumping looking at pinterest..until I went out for ice cream. 

And while eating ice cream with Jill & Gillian, I got the app for Pinterest and spent a good amount of time looking at fun things (and showing them to the girls).   So far I think it's fun.  I think it'll be great to find new ideas for crafts, clothes, home stuff, events, etc. 

And I think it's kind of like eye candy.  I read blogs and look at magazines to be visually inspired to try something new or appreciate aesthetics so this will assist me with this.  I love google image search.  It's how I've found a lot of good ideas so this will be a place to gather all the fun things I find and be able to trace the source. 

And for the record, the iPhone has changed my life.  Besides organizing my world, I am constantly entertained with things like this and Words with Friends. 

It's a Brave New World, friends. 

Are you using Pinterest?  If so, how?  I've got to get back to pinning things.  This is going to be dangerous...

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