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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Little Lady Tea Party

After recovering from the wedding, I needed something new to look forward to.  And that came this past weekend.  For the past few years, I've taken a day trip to see one of my best girls to see her family and celebrate her darling little girl.  I always look forward to this day because I absolutely adore little Lucy.  And of course, I have adored her mother, Courtney, for many years.  :) 

The theme of the party was "tea party" so I figured that a hat was in order. (Note:  no one else wore a hat.  I'd really like to live in place that people wore hats and dresses to events.)

The drive is 2 hours and the weather was great for a drive. It was warm and sunny.  I love this particular drive.  It's so pretty.  I enjoy a few hours alone in a car.  I get a lot of thinking done.  Not to mention, the car concerts I put on.  This time I could have sworn Adele and I sound EXACTLY alike. 

Once I arrived, presents and cake were happening. 

This was the adorable cake.  Check out the tea cups on it.
Opening of the presents!
look at this little cutie!  He is so sweet.  He came up and threw his arms around my legs to hug me.  It melted my heart. 
Four generations of lovely women!
Guess who got a bike for her 4th birthday?
I love this little face!  She doesn't really know me (and neither does her brother) because I only really see them once a year, but both of them were so quick to give hugs and kisses to the strange "aunt" lady with red hair.  It makes my heart full!
Here is me with girl, Courtney.  I am blessed to have such amazing friends in my life.  The ones that stick are always the right ones.  And this girl has stuck with me through everything since 1995 when we met.  And I can't explain how supportive she's been in the last few months.  She's a part of my heart. 
I'm so glad I got to go down for a visit.  And to celebrate an adorable little lady as she turns 4!!  And once again, am reminded how lucky I am to have friends that feel like family.  And thanks to her, I get to be called "Aunt Allison".  I love that!

Happy Birthday, Lucy!  xoxo


Sabrina said...

What a lovely post. I usually only look at pictures (haha) but I read every word. Lucy is a lucky girl to have an Aunt Allison!!

Angie said...

Adorable! Lucy is so cute! I love your dress/hat combo

Ms. Attitude said...

Lucy is so precious! I want a tea party for my birthday!

The Pink Chick said...

What a cutie! Lucy is so adorable! And you look fantastic as always! I love your dress!

Muttering Mama said...

OMG. I'm tearing up here. I love you, sister. You're a part of my heart, too.

Michelle said...

What a sweet birthday girl! I love your dress & hat--you look great!