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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Caves & Trains

I can't believe the weekend is over!  Not that I'm going to work tomorrow but I still can't believe the weekend went by so fast.  It was a nice weekend.  I'm actually really tired today so I'll be hitting the sheets right after I finish sharing.

After spending Friday night doing laundry, I got some good sleep and woke up early to hit up a few yard sales.  I didn't find any treasures, really.  I did find something fun for my Dad though.  I was home by 10 am and headed to "work" for the day.  And my work this summer is taking students on fun trips.  We were scheduled to go to Howe Caverns as a large group but we made the trip optional so only 3 students went with us.  Actually, it was nice to have only a few students.  They seemed to enjoy it.  So did Gillian and I.  (it's nice to have a friend to go do these things with in the name of work)  I have lived in this area for 14 years and never been to the Caverns.  It's been on my to do list for a long time so it has officially been checked off now.

Heading to the caverns. 
 The tour is about 80 minutes long.  We took the traditional tour with walking and a boat ride.  They also offer a lantern tour but we needed more people to do that. 
 Gillian and I before we headed in to go on the tour. I love the view.  This is part of the reason I put up with the snow in the winter.  Central NY is so pretty.
  It's 52 degrees year round so it was absolutely wonderful on such a hot day. And Saturday was HOT.  Here's a look at stalactites or stalagmites or whatever the tour guide told us.  I can't remember and you probably don't care.  It just looks cool.
 Here I am being a geek standing on the bridal alter.  I guess people have weddings down there. Interesting.  I wonder how they set up for that.  Dang, I should have asked.
 It was a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon. 
After the cave tour, we stopped at a BBQ place called Rubbin Butts.  It was delicious.
 We headed home after this to get ready (well, Gillian and I) to head out for the night to go to one of my favorite summer activities...the Blues Train.  I love this train and the band is the one that played at Jill's wedding so it's really fun.  The train was packed and it was HOT out.  It didn't even really get cool after it got dark.  Good thing for cool beverages.
The band doing their thing. 
 Me, Jill, Gillan and Luke (from the band) We were pretty sweaty.
We actually stayed out later than I expected after the train.  So today was a sleeping in, being lazy kind of day.  I got to see my Dad though, that was good. 

Next weekend I'll be going to Memphis.  Yay!

Hope you all had a great weekend!  Did you do anything  new and interesting?

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