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Monday, July 11, 2011

Wedding Weekend

I'm FINALLY back.  And have LOTS to post about.  But the first one has to be dedicated to Jill & Vinny's wedding from last week.  It was a great weekend even with the rain that changed plans on the wedding day.  Jill did a fantastic job of planning for everything and it was a truly lovely day for everyone that attended and was involved.  But more importantly, I think Jill and Vinny had a great day.  They both looked incredible and so happy.  It's nice to watch your friend have one of the best days of their life.    I've only added a few pictures because the rest will be on FB. 

I wanted to commemorate the weekend at Club Chestnut.  We had some wedding guests stay here so it needs to be festive.
 Saturday night the rehearsal dinner was so nice.  It was at a local restaurant.  Here is the entire bridal party assembled.  Quite the crew.
 The ladies.
 Jill is the best gift giver in general.  But she outdid herself with the bridal party gifts.  Coach makeup bags and clutches.  Thanks, Jill!
 After the rehearsal dinner, the ladies went over to Jill's apt to hang out for a bit before we headed home to get some sleep (well, we got sleep.  Jill didn't get much). 

The morning of the wedding started off very rainy.  Considering the ceremony was scheduled to be outside, this was a little stressful.  We all headed over to Jill's apartment to get hair and makeup done.  It was a little stressful for the bride.  There were a lot of people, a lot of rain, a lot of emotions and a lack of sleep.  She was a champ though.  And we all got on to the bus to head over to the wedding site.  We had a 40 minute ride on a yellow school bus (how fun, right?)
We arrived at the plum tree where the everyone was hard at work getting everything set up.  This is the location.  It is so cute!
 The birdcage for the cards.
 The guest book.  So cute!
 The seating chart.  It was nice to see it in use after I saw it so much at my house. 
The garden that would have been the cocktail hour.  This was the view from the room where we got ready.  It looked so pretty even in the rain.
 Jill's bouquet.  So beautiful!
 I don't have any pictures from the ceremony. It's hard to walk down the isle with a camera and a bouquet.  Ha!!  It ended up being inside the reception hall with guests sitting at their seats.  It ended up being so beautiful and intimate inside.  I think everyone felt like they were able to see everything.  The ceremony was so Jill and Vinny.  It was funny and touching and so great.  They wrote their own vows to each other and Vinny's were probably the funniest and sweetest vows I've ever heard.  They even rhymed.   I definitely cried throughout the entire ceremony because I was so touched by the words and sentiments.  I think it's lovely to watch your friend marry their very best friend.   It was the kind of ceremony that I would want.  It was full of them.  Nothing fake.  The spirit of it was friends, family, laughter and fun.  I'd say that was pretty perfect.
After the ceremony, the cocktail hour commenced and pictures were taken...and then, after one more clap of thunder, the sun came out and shined for the rest of the night.  And the party started!

J & V and the girls from AFP.
 The crew from work (through the years)
 Tara and I
  Another shot.  We took about a million.
 The bridesmaid bouquets--so pretty!
 Vinny surrounded by all the ladies. 
 The wedding coordinator provided the bridal party a business card with the itinerary attached to the back.  So great!  Jill saw this at her BF's wedding a few weeks ago and asked her girl to do it for us.  Love it!
 My hair for the day.  I used the flower from my dress in my hair. 
 Caitlyn and I prior to the ceremony.
The reception was amazing!  Lots of dancing (and drinks).  I was sad when it was time to go home.  Although the ride home on a school bus was full of fun too.  ;) 

This wedding will go down as one of my most favorite weddings to have attended and I was honored to be a part of their day.   I wish them a lifetime of love, laughter, friends and family!


Angie said...

Beautiful pics! I love your dresses!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog post dude! I dont have an acct. any more... but it's me... the bride! I hope everyone had as much fun and the Vin-dog and I. and thank you for being a part of our best day ever! Love you!