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Monday, September 1, 2008


I've never been so tired in my life. Well, maybe that's a tad dramatic but I'm pretty tired. My feet hurt and I haven't had a hot meal in days. BUT, I don't care about any of that because I had a great weekend and hope that the bride (and her mom) had a great day yesterday. The wedding was lovely. I loved the location and the weather was perfect.

But J-Lo (Wedding Planner, not Jenny from the Block) I'm not. She made that crap look easy. Not that I was the wedding planner by any means. I was just there to do whatever came up. I think being a wedding planner would be fun. Not as fun as being a pro organizer, but a close second. I just hope I was helpful and not a hot mess walking around. In any case, I had so much fun with the bride and her family and friends. Rachel and Jess were F.U.N. (If you girls are reading this, just imagine me giving you the Kangarooby sign) Here are some pictures that I got of the reception room during the decorating process.

The Sweetheart Table (not finished yet)
Barb made the chair things. Cute huh?

The Room (it's a bit blurry)
The Buffet

Kangarooby out!


Angie said...

I love the sign you got for them, it is so cute! I love the chairs that Barb made. Good luck with the first week of classes!

Rach said...

ok, so i totally created a blog so i can harass you. plus, your blogs are funny and interesting and i want to be half as cool as you.
but i can't figure this site out to save my life. how do i subscribe to your blog or save you as a favorite? i don't get it!!
i'm at www.bellarooby.blogspot.com
save me my kangarooby!!

Windpipe said...

Oooohhh kangarooby,
How I miss you so already! Yes, we did have a WONDERFUL time at the wedding, annnnnd you were NOT a hot mess walking around, you were very very helpful! I on the other hand, was a hot mess the next day because my ELBOWS hurt so bad from doing the kangarooby! Yes, I said it, my elbows hurt, strange, however true!

Miss you