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Friday, February 11, 2011

Something I Love

Day 11:  A picture of something you love.

I love a lot of things in my life.  Obviously.  I really love animals.  All animals.  I'm the kind of girl that will talk baby talk to just about any animal that I come in contact with.  But today I'm gonna share two little faces that I love the most.  Because every single day, they make me smile. 

 She's so chubby and cuddly.  She lets me hold her like a baby and wants to cuddle all the time.  She is sweet and mild.  This is her laying above me on the couch one  night.  And she purrs all the time. 

She's very smart and naughty, but so cute that it's endearing.  She never wants to cuddle outright, but she's the one that sleeps right next to me every single night.  She pretends she's aloof but she's really sweet and friendly.  She'll always be where action is. 

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Ashley said...

Gah so cute! I love kitties!