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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Something I Hate

Day 10:  A  picture of something you hate.
Photo courtesy of Oprah.com

I know it probably seems really silly, but I absolutely dislike chipped nail polish.  So much so that I can't believe I put this picture up.   It really irritates me to no end.  If you can't keep up with nail polish, don't put it on.  I would much prefer seeing naked nails than to see remnants of nail polish from last week or a month ago.  I once confronted a young woman about it (I know her) and she said, "I don't have time in my life to take it off"  Well, if you took the time to put it on and let it dry...you must have the 42 seconds that it would take to have it removed.  Come on.

I think that it looks cheap, trashy and completely lazy.  I absolutely judge this.  I tend to be so passionate about this pet peeve that college students that I work with hide their nails from me if they are chipped.  I even keep nail polish remover in my office for such instances. 

This will be the first chapter in my future book--Lipgloss Lounge, The Guide for Girls. 

Hahaha.  I'm kidding. 


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Ms. Attitude said...

Go with the book! I love the idea. Can I be a contributor?

By the way, I have loved reading these posts and seeing the pitcures. I would have done this myself, but because of my job, I need to remain anonymous.