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Monday, February 7, 2011

She's Crafty

This weekend was really busy.  Friday night was Bunco Night--so fun!  Which sparked the idea that Saturday night was going to be craft night with Angie, Sabrina and Sara.  We had pizza and crafted the night away.  I think I'll always be a the kind of girl that enjoys a night on the town equally as much as I love to stay in on a Saturday and craft.  That's why I love where I am in life.  Both are a possiblility any given weekend.  

So anyway, we all made some fun things.  I'll share what I made...

This cute bird plate. 
 It's fabric and a clear plate.  Thank you mod podge--for making it possible.
A little paint, a litte fabric and ribbon and yet another valentine decoration. 
Angie made this cute frame for me.  This is my favorite saying in life.  Not to get all senitmental but I moved around a lot as a kid and I always thought of this when I had to be the new girl at a new school.  It always made me feel better about that.  Even now, I find myself  thinking of it when I'm put in new situations that I find challenging or when I have to be the new girl at something.  I always want to bloom where I'm planted. :)
By the end of a successful craft night, we all picked out ribbon so that we could make ribbon wreaths next.  I hope I picked out some cute ribbon--I can't remember I was tired after all the crafting and laughing.

Last night I watched the superbowl with friends so it was a very nice weekend! 

How was your weekend?

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Angie said...

Love your crafts, esp. the bloom sign-ha ha!