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Friday, February 4, 2011

My Night

Day 4:  A picture of your night.

I actually had planned to share last night with you but since I waited to post until right before bed tonight, I actually have something to more interesting to post. 

I went to my friend, Angie's for a Bunco night.  I have played Bunco once before and had a good time.  It was fun tonight and and it was cute because everyone had to bring a little gift so after the game was over we got gifts out of the grab bag.  And there were ladies that I don't really know there so it was fun to meet new people. 
I love this chalkboard in Angie's dining room.
 Sabrina and Angie
 The whole group after we finished. 
I'll be hosting Bunco next month.  I think it'll be a themed night--I need a theme.  Any ideas?

Have a great weekend!

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Shannon said...

I hosted Bunco last night! We play for money though- I won $10!