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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gotten Me Through It

Day 9:  A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most.

 Along with being the person that I've been closest to the longest, My Dad is also the person that has gotten me through the most.  I think this is a hard one to answer though.  I would say that I have a lot of stubborn independence that I can usually count on to get me through most situations that I encounter.  I feel lucky about that (on most days) but where did that come from?  I think my Dad has taught me a lot of valuable life lessons that I find myself thinking of when the going gets tough.
And of course since he's known me the longest, he's seen me through every phase of my life: 

When I learned to ride a bike, he painted the best bike for me (complete with a flower basket on the front and a banana seat)

When I had to do a science project, he was the one that helped me type the paper and create the poster board (we won honorable mention for "Do Goldfish Grow Larger in a Larger Tank")

When I had my first broken heart, he told me that boy was dumb and there would be others that would be much better for me.

When I ran for class president, he helped me come up with my campaign slogan and made me business cards.

 When I was homesick at college, he told me to give it another day.

When I had my first job interview, he practiced how to give a firm handshake with me.

When I was homesick in graduate school, he told me to give it another day.

When I had a broken heart last year, he told me to be patient because the good stuff is worth waiting for.

When I need to know what channel the basket ball game is on, like tonight, I can call him and he'll look it up for me.

Wow!  I hope this doesn't go to his head.  :)  

Happy Wednesday!

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Muttering Mama said...

Frame this post and hang it on your wall. It's beautiful. I've always loved the relationship you share with your dad, and you captured it beautifully here. Hugs to you both.