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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Day

Day 23:  A picture of your day.

Well, I didn't really think to take a picture of too much today.  It was busy as soon as I walked into my office until about an hour ago. 

I did my director staff meeting with my coffee.  Then I spent the day catching up on stuff in my office.
 I wore a new nail polish (Suzi Loves Cowboys).  If you don't know about the nail polish nook--get on board.
 Since tonight was one of the rare nights that I didn't have a night meeting, a few friends and I went to a Wine night at a local restaurant. 

 Angie, me and, Alli
 Angie & Me
  Sara, Me & Angie.  
 It was a good day.  I was in a good mood, things went well at work and I ended the evening with lovely company.  Next month, I want my other ladies to go to this event.  It was fun!

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