• Fashion is about what you wear. Style is about how you live your life. ~Ralph Lauren

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


For the last 4 years I have been known to spend many nights at work at meetings or getting stuff done in my office, get home at 9 or 10 and then go to bed and start all over again. It was exhausting. Don't get me wrong, it totally goes with the field. It's not like I'm ever going to have a 9-5 schedule. It's what it is. But in the last year it started to bug me that I was giving up time with my friends and family to be at work. And by giving up, I mean I simply was too tired to call people and wanted to come home after work and just lay on the couch. I didn't want to be social because I was just too tired all the time. I knew some stuff had to change. I wasn't taking care of myself and I needed to find some balance. Luckily, I had an epiphany moment at some point in the last six months. Although I can't eliminate night meetings completely, I've tried to condense it to only 2 nights a week rather than every day. There will still be weekends that I have to work. I can live with that. I'm actually eating dinner at a normal hour and getting to have some quiet time in the evening to do anything I want. And though it's a little crazy with the beginning of the school year, I'm feeling much more confident that I'm on the right track. Finally.