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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Friendship Pumpkin 2008

I had a great weekend. I got most of my to do list done and even got to relax some too. I went to work for a sorority recruitment event today and got some work done while waiting for the event to get over. I must have been fueled by the large DD coffee I drank because when I came home it was time for me to get busy. I put out some fall decorations. My apartment smells like apple and pumpkin goodness. Who cares if it's still almost 80 degrees out--I'm ready for fall. I was cleaning and organizing stuff (my favorite past time) so I turned on MTV for some mindless entertainment and realized that tonight was the VMAs. Britney actually won an award this year. Good for her. Also, there is a commercial for Paris Hilton's new show (My New BFF). I could puke. But what annoys me the most is I almost want to watch it but I will not. She's a fool.

But anyway, the real focus of my post today is my friend Angie. We have a lot of fun memories but the one that inspired me to take the above picture is about this time last year I went to our local farm stand to get some stuff and ran into Angie. She immediately looked at the cute sign I was holding that said "Pumpkin Patch" or something fallish like that. I had every intention of purchasing said sign. Angie really liked it too. Being the good friend I am, I handed it to her so she could buy it and I headed to find another one. I'm sure you can figure out where I'm going with this. Yes, that's right. There wasn't another one in the store. Angie laughed when I told her and still bought the sign...with a wave of her hand and a cheery "Kiss Kiss" shouted behind her, she was gone. It was a funny moment and one of my all time favorite Angie stories. She's a good friend. Perhaps she should be on the Paris Hilton BFF show.
All kidding aside, she's a great friend and very generous. In fact, last night she loaded my trunk up with cute decorations that she was getting rid of (she was tired of looking at them). And among those cute decorations was a little sign that said...what else...pumpkin patch.
Kiss Kiss!


Cristina said...

That is SO Angie. What a cute story. I can't think of a good comeback for the Pumpkin Patch sign, cause it's not exactly a command, but you know I'm trying.

Blood Patch.

Angie said...

Ha Ha, I am so glad you like the things I gave you
Kiss Kiss