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Monday, September 29, 2008


The weekend turned out to be one of those weekends that just make you feel good about...just about everything. The highlights: Saturday I joined Weight Watchers. I've always wanted to but just never did because I was nervous. But now that I've conquered Phase 1 of the new and improved AG, it's time for Phase 2. I'm psyched about it. It was actually really fun to go to the meeting. And with my great expertise of the two days I've been doing it, I've decided it's like a game. And I like games. A lot. So I'm going to win.

Went to the mall in Albany after the meeting. Got a few cute things and my affection for scarves has returned in full force. I can't wait until it's cool enough to put one on.
Sunday was Sedaris. Cristina and I headed to Albany for a nice dinner at Cheesecake Factory and then proceeded to head to the theatre. No problem getting there. (Not even from the Hurricane force rains that prevented visibility of street signs. ) The problem was parking. Not a parking space to be seen. And the parking garage closest to the theatre is conveniently closed on the weekends. (Well played, Palace Theatre, well played.) Luckily, we found a spot and dashed in to catch our author crush happily signing autographs before the show. We found our seats (with help from the enthusiastic staff) and settled in for the show. A lovely evening all around. Except for the rain and the parking. And my need to climb over 4 people in the middle of the show to use to the restroom. Twice. But Sedaris is well worth any minor mishaps. If you've never read him, check this out.
(Note: the pictures are from around campus today and have nothing to do with anything--but this is why I love living here)


Angie said...

Hey! I am glad you had a good weekend, congrats on joining WW, you are going to love it...my WW is not going well, hopefully today will be better! Talk to you soon

Beth said...

I love Oneonta in the fall, too. Glad your weekend/Sedaris was good, despite the crappy city of Albany. Good luck w/WW. I had really good luck with it when I did it - I like the thought of looking at it like a game! Almost makes me want to join again...