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Saturday, September 6, 2008


Nothing interesting to mention. But I've never been so glad for a weekend. These are my plans so far:

1. Nails inthe morning (check)
2. Oil change (maybe Wednesday)
3. Laundry (check)
4. Maybe a football game...if it doesn't rain and if I feel like being social. (It rained)
5. A reception for Greek Alumni (check)
6. Cleaning up this apartment (check)
7. Putting out fall decorations (check)
8. Babysitting or going to dinner with members of the Real World cast ( babysat)
9. Sorority event on Sunday (check)
10. Netflix--I have Entourage Season 3 or 4 (check)
11. Finishing my book (almost)
12 . Naps--as many as possible (eh, naps are overated)

I'm quite an exciting girl, aren't I?

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