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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Proudly Brewing

I was up late last night watching the SATC movie. I could only borrow it for one night. So I did laundry and got cuddled into bed to watch. This was my third time watching it and I think I cried more this time than I did the first time. I'm kind of sentimental that way. Needless to say I was tired all day because I was up late. (I'm definitely getting old)

My day was super busy. I feel like all I do all day is talk. It's a very good thing that we are "proudly brewing Starbucks coffee" on campus now because it makes all the talking more pleasant.

Tonight was one of my late nights at work. I had a meeting with the Up 'til Dawn girls and we watched a St. Jude video. I was feeling very good and positive and accomplished as I left the meeting because that meeting always has a way of doing that. Those videos are really inspirational. Anyway, as I neared my car, I remembered that it's bid night. And alas, I hear a group of men yelling somewhere in the distance. For a moment, I feel a little bit of excitement to hear them. THEN they say something about "balls" and not as in basket or foot. Great. I'm so proud. Can Starbucks proudly brew right in my office? :)

I want this bag. And the matching tech case. My camera needs a cuter home. Luckily, I think I will be able to go to Fly Creek this weekend. Not only will I get to spend quality time with Beth, Angie, and Cristina, but also my very good friend, Vera.

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Beth said...

yeah! So you can go to Fly Creek?